5th April 2013

Your diet and nutrition


Your diet along with medication have an important role in controlling your kidney function. As part of your diet you might have to control

  • Fluids
  • Low protein diet
  • Control salt, potassium,  phosphorous, and other electrolytes
  • Getting enough calories if you are losing weight
  • The diet could change over time as your illness progresses

The role of dietician

The dietician from your Renal Unit will help you eat healthy, control your weight and live a normal life. Every patient is different and you will have an individual diet.  The dietician will look at your existing diet, blood results and work with you to have an appropriate diet that is suitable with your lifestyle.

How diet influences how you feel

You have to be aware that salt intake can lead to high blood pressure, potassium is bad for the heart, phosphate could cause itchiness and long term can damage blood vessels, low levels of protein can increase fluid retention and low immunity, loss of iron causes anaemia

Poor appetite would lead to  malnutrition.

Eat well ideas 

Things you always wanted to know about your renal diet – but always forget to ask—Diane Green, Renal Dietician, read more..

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