13th February 2013


An information network designed by kidney patients to bring together information you may need

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If you like information on the site, if there is information missing, or you wish to share information that will be useful to patients then tell us using the form bellow, and we will find it and add it.


2 thoughts on “Home

  • My family and I first became aware of Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease in June of 1967, when my Mum was diagnosed with this and we were told that there was nothing they could do for her, she died at the age of 50yrs on Christmas Eve morning after suffering a dreadful death, we have also lost our sister, Sandra at the age of 53yrs, but as time went on things have dramatically improved in the Renal research and capabilities of the Transplant teams in the UK and around the world, especially at Manchester Royal Infirmary, I am celebrating 21yrs and 6mnths for my renal transplant, my brother Keith had his at Liverpool, my son, John got his kidney off his Mum, Norine, 7th June 2012, so we have had many trials and tribulations over the years as a family, with a rollercoaster of various emotions, but it has made us much more stronger and positive, so we keep pushing for more people to come forward to register on the Organ Donor list, please give “The Gift of Life” it could be for one of your own loved ones. Thank you. Jack Polson.

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