26th November 2013

Stuart Powell

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Stuart Powell

Profile: I was launched into this wonderful world of ours in early 1955, about 8 months before the next major launch: ITV.

Unbeknown to me I was born with CKD in the truest sense as I followed a long and slow pathway to one day before my 50th Birthday when Dr. Grahame Wood told me that I would have to be sent on a transplant workup. A journey of countless tests, consultations and procedures through Peritoneal Dialysis, Haemo-Dialysis through to Caderveric Transplantation at the ripe age of 54 and a bit in 2009.

Almost Five years on and I’ve got through three years of battling side effects of the Anti-Rejection meds with 2013 being my first year without any hospital stays long or short, phew! However I am now coping with post transplant diabetes being a common side effect of the drug Tacrolimus.

But, Hey I’m still here and have become part of a great renal community by giving up time to patients who are new or seasoned travelers like myself to CKD helping others smooth out the bumps along the rocky road to a better quality of life. Blogs:

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  • So proud of you Stuart! You,ve put up with a lot(and so have we!)but you’ve taken a real interest in each new challenge you’ve had to face and sharing that personal experience will be invaluable to so many people who fear the future with kidney problems.
    Well Done!

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