21st May 2013

Young Adults Section


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News: The National Kidney Foundation are holding their Annual Patient Conference 2013 at Hinckley Island Hotel, Leicestershire, on the 11-13 October 2013. View details

3 thoughts on “Young Adults Section

  • A great start to a great support network for the youngsters in our renal family. The more that join our community, the better: Pass on your hints and tips, coping strategies and stories. Tell us what you think of the site and how we can taylor it to meet your needs. If you have the skills and want to help, then let us know: Young editors for young adults or become a moderator for the younger forums and let’s work together as a family team. Onwards and upwards.

  • Any young adult transplant patients interested in taking part in an activity weekend in Oxford in April, it looks like a really good weekend if we can manage to get together a couple of patients that would be great.
    The website to look on http://www.oxfordyac.co.uk/. Can any interested young adults please get in touch ASAP then we can enrol you onto the weekend
    The cost includes bed and full meals plus activities.


    • Hi Julie

      I am waiting a link to this that I can post on the young@nkf fbsite, website and twitter.
      Also there will be a young adult residential later in the year, its a fantastic weekend (I went last year as young@nkf rep. Ill post when I have news.

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