4th June 2013

Activities for young people

We are looking for KIN Hub moderators and HKPA members to help organise different events, get involved in the community and so on. You can socialise online using the Young Adults group. The group is anonymous and private. Only member of the group can see the posts.


Greater Manchester Youth Network

Greater Manchester Youth Network Ltd.

New Kershaw Centre, Deal Street


Greater Manchester


0161 253 7914

Website: http://www.bury.myvinvolved.com


Youth Action Teams are groups of 16-25 year olds recruited from one local area to support the activities of vinvolved teams and help achieve the vision of inspiring a new generation of young volunteers. YATs are a catalyst for youth-led action. They enable people like you to get involved in the issues that are really matter and to voice and take forward your ideas with the support of other young people and vinvolved team staff.

YATs are ambassadors for the benefits of youth volunteering – to other young people, to local organisations, to employers and to decision makers. And they keep us real as an organisation dedicated to working with and supporting young people. We want people just like you at the centre of our activities so that we remain relevant and accessible to 16-25yr olds – we want to know what you’ve got to say!

Since the creation of YATs back in early 2008, young people in YATs all over England have been getting stuck in.

The Bury Youth Action Team has:

• Organised celebration events for young volunteers

• Consulted young people about what volunteering activities they are interested in

• Developed marketing material

• Designed our website www.bury.myvinvolved.com

• Attended high profile events with key decision-makers

• Worked with organisations to make them more youth friendly

• Taken part in and organised promotion events

• Planned and run fundraising activities to benefit local charities




Website: http://www.gooldham.com/


Rochdale – LGBTQ Wellbeing Group

3-11 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL16

01706 752337 or 07896 146109

Email: lgbt@rochdalemind.org.uk

Website: www.rochdalemind.org.uk

Bolton LGBT youth group

The Parallel

9a Churchgate



07824 541211


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  • Can you add general information on each of the topics? I know last year, i got very depressed on dialysis, and looked around for info, but you get to a state that you can’t be bothered really digging. So, a main portal, with all the info would be useful. Rather than direct you to another website / phone number.

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