12th March 2013

External blogs from friends

GMKIN has made new friends. If you’d like to connect with them visit their blogs from the links below and don’t forget to post comments on their web-pages.  Comments are a great way of supporting them:

Our first GMKIN Friend is the “Paradoxical Patient” who describes themself as “a restless soul, an aspiring novelist, poor poet, and paradoxical patient with a lifelong, life-threatening condition. I live in London and am never far away from an e-gadget (or i-gadget).

I inherited ADPKD – autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease – from my dad, who inherited it from his mum. Apart from ADPKD, I consider myself to be one of the healthiest people on the planet And therein lies the paradox.”  The Paradoxical Patient


Holly is on Twitter @KiwiHolly

Holly is on Twitter @KiwiHolly

Holly is a Young Adult kidney patient from New Zealand who now lives in the north of England and Preston is her renal centre. You can find her on Twitter @kiwiholly.  She is a regular blogger on her all aspects of her life with kidney disease and has an infectious postive attitude. mykintsugilife.com

Lisa Barker

Lisa Barker is a former member of the GMKIN Facebook group and has her own blog too.  She is an aHUS sufferer who recently underwent a live donor transplant with the aid of the drug Eculizumab.  She writes openly about her life with a chronic condition, both the ups and the downs! http://livelifelisa.over-blog.com/

Lorraine Pooley

Lorraine Pooley, better known as Purple Fairy Chick, is an ADPKD patient who underwent a living kidney transplant from her sister.  She remains an active campaigner for organ donation, fistula protection and helps renal patients everywhere.  https://purplechickchallenge.wordpress.com/

Gail Rae

Gail-Rae is a member of the GMKIN Facebook group and a prolific blogger covering many aspects of life with chronic kidney disease.  “What is it and how did I get it? Early Stage Chronic Kidney Disease” – http://gailrae.wordpress.com/

2 thoughts on “External blogs from friends

  • Last Wednesday I had the privilege to ‘sit in’ on the the Committee Meeting of HOPE KPA.
    The hard work these people put in to HELP other Renal Patients is incredible.
    I would urge more people to join HOPE KPA and volunteer their help where they are
    able. Above all support YOUR KPA!

    TONY .’.

  • i was at that meeting and agree with Tony they do fantastic work and it will
    be a privilege to help when ever possible , i am looking forward to the next meeting
    and hopefully get to meet the group better

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